At BANGVO we empower dentists to perform the very well treatments on calm patients, while protecting dentists’ health and finances.

BANGVO S1/L1 is an ultrasonic scaler that redefines the treatment of periodontal disease and daily cleaning procedures. Its unique circular tip movement increases your effectiveness in treating periodontitis and is your guarantee for an enhanced patient experience.


BANGVO empowers you to perform the very best dental treatments, enabling you to make full use of your skills and expertise. BANGVO’s solutions allow you to focus on the work area in the oral cavity and improve the quality of the treatment.

Designed to work subgingivally
BANGVO S1/L1 has been designed to facilitate treatment even in areas where your vision is obscured. The scaler instruments are long and thin, allowing you to access furcations and even the deepest periodontal pockets. To provide perfect calculus removal capabilities, especially subgingivally, the instrument oscillates circularly and is active 360 degrees around its tip. You can supply antimicrobial solution using a peristaltic pump installed on your BANGVO unit or integrated into the stand-alone model.


We understand and recognize how important it is that your patient remains calm throughout treatment. To this end, BANGVO's equipment is designed to be safe and comfortable and to help you gain the complete confidence of your patient.

The gentlest scaling possible
With BANGVO S1/L1 your patients experience less pain, even deep subgingivally. The instrument operates at a very high frequency, yielding an exceptionally small amplitude. The instrument tip oscillates circularly and will never hammer against a tooth3.
Damage to the tooth surface is minimized as all instruments are handcrafted from titanium, a material softer than enamel.

3Oscillation of instrument tip
Comparison of instrument tip oscillation and amplitude of four different scaler technologies.


Your health is one of our main priorities when we design our solutions. We aim to ensure that you sit well, see well and are able to work well – all at the same time.

Tailored to your way of work
Traditional piezo scalers, with a linear tip movement, require you to keep the same parallel position of instrument all around the tooth. This frequently forces you to move your wrist into an unnatural position and in the long run may lead to injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.
BANGVO S1/L1 is active all around the instrument tip and allows you to maintain an ergonomic hand positon throughout the whole treatment. The handpiece and its suspension are lightweight and do not strain your wrists and arms.


Our objective is to help you increase the value of your equipment investment by saving you time and money, giving you maximum uptime and providing an attractive working environment.

Versatile instruments
With BANGVO S1/L1 you significantly reduce the number of instrument changes. Thanks to circular tip oscillation, you can do more with one scaler instrument.

Faster workflows
Even when you need to change an instrument, you can do it instantly with pull/push instruments. No need to screw instruments into a handpiece. Similarly, when you want to switch from e.g. lower to upper jaw, simply twist the instrument in the handpiece and carry on with the procedure.